Business Litigation Lawyers Calgary

Calgary Business Litigation Lawyers

Pinsky Law, Patent & Trademark Agents, is Calgary business and intellectual property litigation law firm providing a range of cost effective legal services to support Calgary companies involved in the development, distribution and use of technology and intellectual property assets. We also represent Calgary clients in business and intellectual property litigation matters before the Court of Queen's Bench, Alberta Court of Appeal, Federal Court of Canada and Opposition Boards of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

What We Do

Pinsky Law, Patent & Trademark Agents, represents Calgary businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors at all stages of growth, from business formation to acquisition. We represent Calgary individuals, partnerships, and private companies in a wide variety of industries including aviation and aerospace, automotive, radio communications, wireless telecommunications, computer hardware, computer software, computer games, electronics, electronic commerce, medical devicesdigital media, clean technology, healthcare, book publishing, and sports and entertainment. We help Calgary businesses in creation, structuring, negotiation and implementation of business and intellectual property transactions, such as registration of patents and trademarks in the USA, Canada and internationally, and with other e-commerce, internet, technology and business law, corporate law and commercial law matters.

What We Do Not Do

We do not provide free consultations. Free consultations are not consultations - they are free auditions. You get what you pay for - if you pay nothing, then you get nothing. And 'free auditions' are not free - they are designed to get you in office for a distorted advice of a professional who encourages you to retain him or her so that they can make a living. We do not do that.

We do not charge large or hidden fees. We only charge pre-agreed fees.

We do not exaggerate the patentability of your invention. We provide honest, laconic, and straightforward advice. If you should not patent, we will tell you that.

We do not represent, or assist to, self-represented individuals. If you decided to save money and yourself drafted and negotiated an agreement, prepared a trademark application, or a patent application, or represented yourself in a litigation matter, we will not review your work and we will not file it under our law firm's name. Having decided to be your own lawyer, you are on your own.