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Initial Consultation

1. In the interest of cost-effectiveness, we offer a one hour paid initial consultation in order to substantially address issues and questions potential clients may have before retaining our services. During the initial consultation we in depth clarify facts and legal issues of your case, discuss legal options and strategies available, define what services you may require, and estimate a fee for your representation. The initial consultation DOES NOT establish client-lawyer relationship between you and Pinsky Law. Pinsky Law will not be representing you unless and until the terms of our representation are discussed and mutually agreed upon by you and Pinsky Law in writing. Therefore, do not send to us any documents or confidential information unless we asked you to do so.

2.  The cost of the one hour initial consultation is three hundred and fifty dollars ($350.00). Regular hourly rates will apply thereafter. Follow the two steps below to schedule the initial consultation. We do not credit the initial consultation payments to future work. This is because the consultation is extremely valuable in and of itself. The consultation is not a loss leader or a sales tool to generate additional work. This philosophy produces a high quality product useful to you whether or not you retain us for additional work. We have the incentive to give you a balanced answer, even if the information is not what you want to hear. You are not pressured into making a "future legal services" decision, based on an expiring consultation credit timetable. Follow the two steps below to schedule the initial consultation.

3. First Step - Payment. To schedule the initial consultation, click the ADD TO CART button below. You will be taken to our order processing page, which will collect your contact information before transferring you to our secure payment processing gateway administered by PayPal. You can use your PayPal account to pay or your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. Once the transaction is completed you will receive an eMail receipt. The payment must be made before you contact our office. Requests for a discussion on the phone or by eMail will not receive a reply.


Pinsky Law Initial Consultation Payment 


4. Second Step - eMail. Following the payment, send to us an eMail with a detailed description of your case, issues involved, and services you require, along with a payment reference number that will appear on the eMail receipt. It is helpful to understand your background and what you are working on particularly if you are not referred by someone we know.

5. Bear in mind also that in the absence of a specifically contracted sum for a specific service, any discussed fees and disbursements figures are ballpark figures only for minimum cases only. Forewarned is forearmed. Raise at the outset of your discussions with us whatever concerns you may have about budgeting adequately for fees and disbursements expected (particularly in litigation matters) for any task that you ask us to undertake.