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Business - Debt Finance

Direct loans are the most common form of debt financing, although there are other methods such as issuance of debt securities by the corporation.  Debt financing continues to be a staple of business finance as investors allocate the risks and rewards of an enterprise.  Consequently, we represent business clients in a variety of transactions  including leases with groups of institutional investors and lenders, service contract structures, vendor programs, and computer and general equipment leasing.  We have the capacity to play a substantial role in the tax, regulatory and economic structuring of any transaction and to prepare documents efficiently and tailored specifically to the role of our client and the transaction structure.

We understand the credit process from both sides, how lenders and borrowers view transactions, what each will consider to be "hot button" issues and what each will likely accept.  This enables us to provide sound, solution-oriented negotiation advice early in the process, which can save clients time, money and, in some instances, even the deal.  Equally important, we have the business sense to understand that each side in the transaction will want to preserve a working relationship with the other once the deal is completed.  We are able to conduct negotiations in a way that secures our clients the best deal possible while preserving the good will that existed when the process started.

We avoid the "cookie-cutter" approach to business lawyering.  Instead, recognizing that each company has its own unique strategies and requirements, we focus on identifying and solving the issues presented at all stages of a particular representation, from the initial evaluation of the client's needs, through the analysis of applicable statutory, regulatory and case law requirements and culminating in effective negotiating and document drafting and implementation, with the goal of obtaining the best result for the client under the circumstances.  In applying this focus, we combine our practical business know-how and technical legal excellence with creative, results-oriented counseling.

We know the troubles start-up businesses and entrepreneurs often have to face.  We assist them in establishing their legal presence through corporate and property interests, including intellectual property and financing. At the stage when they are large enough, if necessary, the Firm assists in partial transition to large accounting, financial, or investment firms.  The Firm can continue in an advisory nature and help with keeping an eye on the large firms that are sometimes necessary for public finance and international business problems.  The Firm can help in effective policing for the client the work done by large bureaucratic entities whose interests are not always those of the entrepreneurial businessman.

We strive to be flexible and pro-active in our relationship with clients and pride ourselves on providing quality advice and timely service.  We endeavor to work with our clients as part of a team, to evaluate risks and recommend courses of action and are dedicated to providing focused, cutting-edge, practical legal advice in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  We can work on transactions covering a broad range of industry sectors and offer our business acumen as well as industry know-how and connections.  The depth of our experience gives us a thorough understanding of current market practices and terms and conditions and allows us to provide a value-added service to our clients.