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Pinsky Law Professional Corporation (the "Pinsky Law") is able to represent both investors and the companies in which they invest.  We have an established network of private equity firms that provide our clients with the financing necessary for their development.  Pinsky Law is able to execute transactions across a diverse range of industries ranging from aerospace and defense to financial services and healthcare to technology, electronics, telecommunications and transportation, among many others.  At the core of our practice is business acumen and practical experience to structure, negotiate and close transactions. 

Pinsky Law is able to assist in private capital-raising transactions, representing entrepreneurs  in a wide range of deals, including significant institutional equity investments.  We can assist your business by providing hands-on involvement with myriad investments, including equity securities (common and preferred stock), debt securities (whether senior, mezzanine or subordinated), convertible and exchangeable securities, trust preferred, structured securities, tax-advantaged securities, and other types of securities.  We also can help you in consolidating and simplifying the complex capital structures that result from multiple rounds of private financing transactions when, for example, the enterprise is ready to access the public capital markets.

Having represented start-up and early stage companies, we understand the urgency of their needs.  We explore alternative billing arrangements that make our deep experience affordable for our emerging clients.  During the financing transaction itself, we control costs, plan ahead for contingencies and avoid “over-lawyering.”  Quick turnaround and incisive decision-making are often the keys to successful private equity deals.  Acting for both entrepreneurs and private equity investors, often helps us mediate the demands by both sides so that the transaction can be successfully completed.

A niche status and use of technology enable us to provide high quality, cost effective legal services for emerging and existing businesses, technology start-ups, entrepreneurs and inventors in a variety sectors of economy. We continue to develop relationships with other law practitioners with experience in technology litigation, patent law, corporate financing and leasing as well as full service corporate law firms, all of whom will work in conjunction with the Firm on specific matters.

We strive to be flexible and pro-active in our relationship with clients and pride ourselves on providing quality advice and timely service.  We endeavor to work with our clients as part of a team, to evaluate risks and recommend courses of action and are dedicated to providing focused, cutting-edge, practical legal advice in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  We are able to assist you with transactions covering a broad range of industry sectors and we possess considerable business acumen as well as industry know-how and connections.  The depth of our experience gives us a thorough understanding of current market practices and terms and conditions and allows us to provide a value-added service to our clients.