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Pinsky Law Professional Corporation (the "Pinsky Law") can represent entrepreneurs in a wide range of legal matters and variety of industries with focus on the needs of Internet, aviation and aerospace, computer hardware and software, telecommunications  and other emerging growth companies.  Sensitive to the business objectives and concerns of growing companies, we integrate needed legal services related to entity structuring, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, stock options and employment issues, intellectual property, licensing distribution, product regulation and international law.   

We understand the venture capital process and offer clients strategies for negotiating and structuring venture investments.  We stay abreast of the evolving standards by which clients evaluate investments and the market terms of venture investments.  We believe that a close understanding of the economics and business realities of each deal is critical to efficient deal management and effective representation.  We understand the balance between obtaining appropriate terms and cultivating quality, long-term relationships with a fund’s portfolio companies.  We strive to maintain this balance while helping clients with the successful completion of their transactions. 

Pinsky Law can help entrepreneurs and small businesses obtain financing from a variety of sources, including venture capital firms, angel investors, government sponsored programs and strategic partners.  We can explain the often complicated terms that are typical in these types of transactions and how they will affect your business.  Pinsky Law can help structure your financing to meet your funding needs without jeopardizing your future.  We can help small businesses set up optimal legal and capital structures, advise on corporate governance and compliance standards, coordinate employment and employee benefit arrangements, identify and protect intellectual property and, where appropriate, arrange introductions to providers of capital.

We know the troubles start-up businesses and entrepreneurs often have to face.  We assist them in establishing their legal presence through corporate and property interests, including intellectual property and financing. At the stage when they are large enough, if necessary, Pinsky Law assists in partial transition to large accounting, financial, or investment firms.  Pinsky Law can continue in an advisory nature and help with keeping an eye on the large firms that are sometimes necessary for public finance and international business problems.  Pinsky Law can help in effective policing for the client the work done by large bureaucratic entities whose interests are not always those of the entrepreneurial businessman. 

Our goal is to provide the broad range of legal and strategic services that are particularly important to entrepreneurs.  Starting a business from scratch is a daunting task.  We bring the expertise, experience and judgment necessary to guide fledgling businesses through the minefield of legal problems they face.  Whether your business is based upon the Internet, information technology or computer technology, we can help you organize, finance and operate it.  We can help design the right incentives to attract and retain employees in a competitive market.  We also have the expertise to help you both recognize and protect your intellectual property.  Most important, we can give you the benefit of our experience in advising emerging companies.  That experience can help you make your business more attractive to investors and best position it for acquisition or an initial public offering.